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I recently helped out the local Relay for Life and shot some pictures at their last movie night of the summer. The movie was "Grease." There was lots of fun to be had and all while supporting a great cause...


(This is my first shot at creating an animated .GIF)

 photo ScreenUp6_zpsec457c89.gif


There were games for the kids (and adults)...




Relay_Grease-0781 and popcorn...



...and some classic cars to set the mood...


Relay_Grease-0642 Relay_Grease-0846 OverlayMaster


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Cropping for Printing...Watch out! Hello there!

I'm trying out this Blog thing that has been sitting on my website, basically unused.

This is just a quick little recommendation for when you are ready to print your photos. When you choose a size to print, you need to put a little thought into how it will be cropped. Most photographers shoot with a camera where the files will naturally print without cropping to a 4x6, 8x12, 12x18, 16x24 and 20x30. Some more common print sizes, such as 5x7 and 8x10 will cut out portions of your image.

In the Comparison that I have created above, the little boy fills most of the frame in the first image (which is the original file size). If you print a 5x7, you start to lose the tips of the fingers on his left hand and the top of his hat gets "stuck" in the top of the frame. If you print an 8x10, even more of the image gets lost. The fingers on his left hand are no longer seen and the top portion of his hat is gone. You'll notice in the 20x24 even more areas of the image are cropped. So just be careful. Some images will crop just fine if there is a lot of area around the subject. Even then some background elements might be lost, which might alter the "feel" of the photograph. If you ever have a question about what size to print your photographs, ask your photographer! They should be able to guide you in the right direction.

Have a good weekend!

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Winner! Winnner! Chicken Dinner!!! We have a winner! Thank you all for for entering the giveaway and for your continued support for JRoPhoto!




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300 Fan Giveaway Well I finally hit 300 fans! Thank you all for supporting me in my first year as a Full-time Photographer. So why not give away a piece of my art?!? Well, here it is...



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