Luxe Pop Ornament Cards



These cards are an amazing new product from my professional print lab Millers Professional Imaging. The card is 5x7 and the perforated center pops out to become an ornament that is ready to hang. All text can be customized to include your own personal message and info. The first 2 are my own designs. The last 5 are designed by Birdesign




Regular Price - $2.75 Each (includes envelope)

Minimum Order of 25


20% Off Holiday Special!!!

with discount - $2.20 Each!!!

Minimum Order of 25



Click on an image to see it larger...

Red Stripes FrontFlat   Red Stripes BackFlat   Red Stripes FrontOrnament Pop   Red Stripes BackOrnament Pop

Snowflake FrontFlat   Snowflake BackFlat   Snowflake FrontOrnament Pop   Snowflake BackOrnament Pop

e941 FrontFlat   e941 BackFlat   e941 FrontOrnament POP   e941 BackOrnament POP

e942 FrontFlat   e942 BackFlat   e942 FrontOrnament POP   e942 BackOrnament POP

e943 FrontFlat   e943 BackFlat   e943 FrontOrnament POP   e943 BackOrnament POP

e944 FrontFlat   e944 BackFlat   e944 FrontOrnament POP   e944 BackOrnament POP

F125 FrontFlat   F125 BackFlat   F125 FrontOrnament POP   F125 BackOrnament POP