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If you haven't already, please click this link below and fill out a Model Release form for your little one. It helps me out by allowing me to use these photos in my portfolio.

Minor Model Release

Thank You!



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To Download your photos:

 - Click one of the above photos to enter your gallery

- Click on your desired photo to download

- Hover your mouse over the "Download" button

- Choose "Original" and enter the password given in the email



Feel free to use your photos online and print them where you wish.

But please follow the rules of this Digital Print Release

Some print shops may ask you for a print release. If they do, you can show them the link above and/or print a copy to give to them. 




Holiday Card Printing!


If you still need to order your Holiday Card, check out these convenient options. I'll do the design work for you! My print shop has a super fast turnaround time and the highest quality printing. We ordered our personal Holiday Cards on a Wednesday morning and actually received them the next day, Thursday afternoon. The printer I use is operating 24 hours a day during the Holiday Season. All orders are FedEx® Standard Overnight: next business afternoon for $6...

20% OFF on Holiday Pop Cards right now!
These are flat cards which the center pops out to become a ready to hang ornament. I have a few custom designs on the link above. In these designs, all text and all colors can be changed to whatever you's like.
If you have an idea in mind that you don't see, let me know. I can usually make one up fairly quickly or find one that fits your needs. Here are a few cards that I have that aren't on that page...
(the cards in this link, text can be customized but not the card colors)
Here is a full list of all the Holiday Cards that I offer...
(the cards in this link, text can be customized but not the card colors)
...and prices...
So if there is anything you like, let me know. If you have something in mind that you don't see, you can give me some ideas and see what I can find or come up with. After it is designed I will send you a proof so you can see it and make changes before it is ordered.



Gift Certificates are also 20% OFF

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